Novacap and all its activities unify their names and become


PCAS : Manufacturer of complex molecules with high added-value

PCAS is a technology-oriented fine chemical group serving globally industrial customers since 1962. Our core expertise: Development of processes and production of complex molecules for Life Sciences and Specialty Chemicals Markets.

PCAS ensures Safety and Reliability with respect to regulations (sustainable development, ISO, GMP), and guarantees total confidentiality. Its strengths lie in high reactivity, its sub-contracting flexibility and its customer-oriented service, guiding customers into new markets at the forefront of Technology.


  1. Document d’Enregistrement Universel 2019 Download | EN | FR
  2. 31/Jan/2018
    PCAS Chiffres d'affaires au 31 décembre 2017 Download | EN | FR
  3. 20/Feb/2018
    2017 Annual Results Download | EN | FR
  4. 21/Mar/2018
    PCAS - Avis préalable à l'assemblée du 25 Avril 2018 (Balo) Download | EN | FR
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