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For more than 15 years, Protéus - a subsidiary of PCAS - has been developing biocatalytic processes for the synthesis of complex substances offering numerous advantages over conventional chemistry.

Thanks to our technological platform, we design and produce high-performance enzymes and microbial strains for use in biocatalysis. This enables us to offer innovative industrial solutions for bio-procedures using these enzymes and strains, to produce active pharmaceutical ingredients, for example.

Our platform includes proprietary technologies for directed molecular evolution (L-ShufflingTM and EvoSightTM) capable of creating new enzymes and microorganisms with highly enhanced performance levels. Protéus has a collection of enzymes and microorganisms unique in the world (including a large proportion of extremophiles), as well as technology transfer and scale-up to marketing expertise and capabilities.

Our capabilities:

  • Automated platform for high-throughput screening
  • Analytical facilities
  • KiloLab, pilot and industrial production for biocatalytic processes
  • Collection of over 8,000 strains derived from biodiversity
  • Facilities to study aerobic and anaerobic microbiology

Our services:

  • Enzyme screening
  • Advice for the selection of synthesis methods by biotransformation
  • Enzyme development
    • Study of protein expression in different industrial host systems
    • Enzyme performance optimization via study of its formulation
    • Enzyme performance optimization via protein engineering
  • Process development:
    • Expertise and know-how in the development of industrial enzyme processes and bioprocesses
    • Process optimization and potential technology transfer

Our strengths:

  • Integration of the multidisciplinary expertise required to design, develop and produce enzymes and biocatalytic processes.
  • A collection of enzymes and microorganisms drawn from the broadest biodiversity.
  • An enzyme library (about 150) used for rapid testing on compounds of interest in biocatalysis: broad spectrum of activity for mild conditions, and/or in less conventional reaction fields, in terms of temperature, pH, or in the presence of high salinity.
  • A diversity of enzymatic activity classes, as shown in the diagram below:

Enzymatic activity classes, as shown in the diagram:

  • Alcohol Dehydrogenases
  • Monooxygenases
  • Laccases
  • Lipases
  • Esterases
  • Amidases, proteases
  • Dehalogenases
  • Epoxide Hydrolases
  • Nitrilases
  • Nitrile Hydratases
  • Aldolases

To find out more about Protéus' activities, please contact us and visit our website.


  • Oxydation
  • Epoxides and/or chiral diol
  • Halogenated and/or alcohol- derived chiral