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Academic Partners & Technology Collaborations

Academic Partners

A number of academic research laboratories belonging to the organisms quoted in the above diagram (non exhaustive list) are implicated in various partnership programmes with PCAS or are sought after by PCAS for the development of new technologies.


PCAS Finland has close collaboration with Finnish agency of technology (Tekes, The Tekes global network brings together world-class technology companies, universities and research organisations with their Finnish counterparts. To promote international R&D cooperation Tekes funds collaborative research and development projects and facilitates researcher mobility. PCAS Finland has several research projects on-going at the moment.


The project Acro-Pôle, a field of research in the global program BIOFUEL developed by IAR, the pole of competitiveness "Industries Agro-Ressources" (France), is focused on the development of a new production process by thermochemical transformation of glycerinated by-products from Biodiesel.

The project creates a competitive advantage for Biodiesel applications, whilst providing a renewable source of a key raw material. The optimized industrial use of this process will add value to the entire demand chain in a context of sustainable development.


PCAS is a membership of cosmetic Valley cluster (, as a manufacturer of actives ingredients to serve cosmetics, aroma, glass treatment and packaging industries