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Advanced Materials Precursors

Over the last 30 years, PCAS has been developing and manufacturing metal based specialty chemicals and has gained expertise in the field of organometallic and coordination chemistry. This experience has more recently been extended to organosilanes.

This segment is addressing the requirements of industries like Electronic Components, Optics, Glass, Ceramics, Composites, Photovoltaics, Catalysts, Batteries, Precision castings, Metal and Plastics protection or reinforcement. PCAS enjoys working with partners at the forefront of Materials Science and Technology.

Organometallics & Sol-gel precursors for thin films

With the progress in modern device technologies, and the widespread use of smart materials, thin films are becoming increasingly important and research on thin films will continue to lead to the production of improved components and new technologies. At PCAS, many resources have been devoted to the design of organometallic and sol-gel precursors for the growth of functional thin films in Advanced Materials technology.

These precursors can be metal alkoxides, alkylamides, metal alkyls and aryls, oxides, carboxylates, metallocenes, beta-diketonates, organosilanes...These compounds are designed to be suitable for the application through a variety of deposition techniques such as Metal Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition (MOCVD), Thermal spray, Sol-gel, Spin-coating, Dip-coating, Plating...

Nanostructured materials & high insulating silica aerogel

The acquired know-how in organosilane chemistry has led to developments of specialty sol-gel derived materials (aerogels, xerogels, nanostructured and nanosized materials for layered or gradient surfaces, monoliths, coatings...)

PCAS has developed a silica aerogel material (ISOGEL) which can be used as high performance insulating material in various industries like Construction Materials, Oil field, Aeronautics, and so on ...

Precision castings

As part of its activities in organosilanes, PCAS is making polysilicate "prepolymers" which are supplied to the high-end foundry industry as binders used in precision castings for high-value parts.

Besides, PCAS has experienced the privilege of partnering with large players as well as start-ups in the Advanced materials precursors market.

Confidentiality and flexibility in the cooperation approach (toll manufacturing, exclusive synthesis, synthesis route developments...) are usually the base of many success stories and recurrent business with PCAS partners.

For specific projects, PCAS is opened to discuss all subjects you want to develop at an industrial scale.

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