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Pharma Synthesis
API's Catalogue

PCAS has over 30 years experience in developing and producing high quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients using first class R&D and proprietary technology such as biocatalysis to develop unique processes. More than 50 APIs have been successfully launched in the United States, Europe and Japan with constant superior quality, reliability and customer service.

Customers will benefit from a dependable manufacturing network of 4 cGMP plants located in Europe with a strong track record dealing with international health authorities such as the FDA and Japanese KIKO.

Each site has all project management resources required for the development and manufacturing of a new API. Once a new project is approved by PCAS following the feasibility study, a project management team is put together and the full development and scale up is performed by this group of experts to allow an integrated industrialization program.

Besides quality & compliance, cost performance and environment protection are two strong drivers of PCAS performance.

PCAS will also provide first-class support to the generic or drug delivery companies regarding regulatory documentation to meet the most stringent standards from local agencies in US, Asia or Europe.

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