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Biocatalysts manufacturing - PCAS Biosolution

The PCAS Group has a long track record in developing industrial enzymatic processes. Historically, the first process was developed more than a decade ago at our Limay site (1993). We then measured the economic and technical benefits of biotransformation when we scaled it up in a 8,000 L reactor.

Industrial Biocatalysis Scale Up & manufacturing with PCAS-Biosolution

To bridge the gap between lab and plant and to accelerate your projects, PCAS Biosolution has built a dedicated in-house bioprocess development facility including fermentation and downstream processing capabilities based on Protéus facilities and large scale manufacturing of the pharmaceutical actives.

Development : Proteus – Nîmes (France)
Manufacturing sites:
  • Aramon - (France)
  • Limay - (France)
  • Turku - (Finland)


Special equipment & bioprocess capacity


  • Process development lab dedicated to fermentation.
  • Clean rooms with automated high throughput equipment
  • Downstream process : Enzymes purification, Micro-filtration, Ultra-filtration, Preparative Chromatography
  • Enzymes and live cells immobilization


Differentiating technologies
  • Biodiversity (unique microorganisms collection including Extremophiles )
  • Protein Directed Evolution (EvoSight™; L-Shuffling™) - Super-biocatalysts
  • High Throughput Functional Screening (Protrein expression, enzymatic activity: Phenomics™, CLIPS-O™) - Speed up discovery
  • Protein expression & process development
  • Production and formulation of biocatalysts (immobilization)

Once identified and optimized, biocatalysts are manufactured in suitable amounts for immediate production of commercial scale quantities of intermediates and APIs.

PCAS produces enantio-enriched amino-acid in a 8,000L reactor, 900kg batch size.

Biocatalysis has been used in several other sites of the PCAS group, including Turku (Finland), Limay (France) and Aramon (France).