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Pharma Synthesis
Custom Synthesis
Small Molecules APIs & Pharma Chemicals

PCAS is an established drug substance partner capable to follow the drug life cycle from Phase I to commercialization while offering appropriate capabilities along the API value chain.

Project development scheme and Customer entry


PCAS Custom Synthesis offers world-class capabilities related to development and manufacturing of chemical intermediates, registered intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

With 5 cGMP/FDA inspected plants our customers have access to a powerful industrial network providing competitive advantages in terms of quality, security, regulatory compliance and cost through leading-edge technology and back integration into non-cGMP manufacturing plants. 

By using PCAS chemical expertise in conventional organic synthesis and proprietary biocatalysis technology, PCAS customers benefit from robust, cost efficient and greener processes.

PCAS has a strong track record for project transfers under confidentiality agreement and will be glad to promptly study your project. A strong emphasis is placed on collaborative project management and open communication including dedicated project manager and secured IT platforms for data sharing. Feel free to contact us.

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