Cosmetic ingredients

PCAS has more than 50 years experience in developing and manufacturing small molecules & polymers for the Personal Care and Cosmetic industries.

Our strong expertise in specialty ingredients relies on the functionalized of specialty polymers, such as acrylics, siloxanes, PEG, polyamides and PLGA.

Main active ingredients manufactured on a custom basis are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-wrinckles, anti-ageing, UV-filters...

PCAS has 4 GMP/FDA inspected sites that can also manufacture specific cosmetic ingredients that require this certification for some markets, such as the USA.

With Proteus, a subsidiary of PCAS, we can offer active ingredients manufactured by bio-catalysis.

Thanks to our technological platform, we design and produce high-performance enzymes and microbial strains for use in bio-catalysis.

This enables us to offer innovative industrial solutions for bio-procedures using these enzymes and strains.