• PCAS supplies a large number of resources and sustainable processes to various industries. With its subsidiary Protéus in particular and its biotechnology R&D capacity, PCAS gives its customers and partners access to green chemistry through innovative processes combining industrial biotechnology and chemistry, and assists them throughout the development of their new concepts.
  • A range of products and special polymers intended for environmental companies has been developed for issues like recovery of heavy metals or waste management.
  • Our R&D efforts means that we can add functions to materials that have a favorable impact on their life cycles, such as durability or mechanical resistance. We are also developing biodegradable substances for the agrochemicals sector or biotechnologies.
  • By combining chemistry and biotechnology, PCAS opens up promising perspectives, not only for synthesis processes but also for the use of biomass or bioremediation. The growing use of biosourced materials in our synthesis processes meets the requirements of an environment-friendly chemicals industry.
  • To meet our customers' needs and public expectations in terms of sustainability and respect for the environment, we constantly seek to reduce our waste volumes and we invest in our plants to minimize our ecological footprint.