Polymers & Monomers

Polymer synthesis and functionalization:

To meet your needs for innovation and add new functions to your products, we insert chemical groups in the monomers and polymers to give them specific properties. We have all the skills to provide the development, scaling-up and industrialization of monomer and polymer functionalization processes.


Our subsidiary ENERSENS has developed several super-insulating composite materials used to produce highly compounds, to reduce the thickness of linings while increasing their effectiveness.

Materials for 3D printing:

3D printing is a new technology that is rapidly becoming a major industrial trend. It is one of our priority development lines.


We are a key player in the sector of nanostructured materials, primarily used in the production of photovoltaic cells or electric batteries. Among other things, our products include nanocomposites, but also materials for nanostructured thin film and gradient film systems.  We participate in many European and university R&D programs in these fields.

Surface treatment:

Our surface treatment activities are mostly geared to industries like printing or semi-conductors. These industries are developing new technologies that are highly dependent on advances in the fields of materials chemistry, surface chemistry, thin film application technologies and interactions between active materials and light. Our product offer notably includes photosensitive materials, dyes, special polymers and complex precursor chemicals.