Your trusted partner in the fields of industrial lubrication and protection. PCAS offers a wide choice of additives (extreme pressure, anti-wear, corrosion inhibitors, emulsifying, etc.), greases and protective products to improve the performance of industrial fluids.

  1. Industrial Lubricant Additives

    A diversity of additives for a diversity of uses.
    PCAS develops and manufactures high-quality additives to reduce mechanical wear and friction and protect surfaces.

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  2. Long Term Corrosion Protection

    A long experience in the field of protection.
    PCAS produces very effective corrosion inhibitors for the protection of metal parts in service, transit or storage.

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  3. Greases

    An exclusive technology for very special greases.
    PCAS greases have excellent anti-corrosion and lubricating properties as well as a remarkable mechanical and thermal stability.

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  4. Biosourced Lubricants

    Sustainable development at the heart of its formulations.
    PCAS' goal is to combine very high performance with the renewable nature of biosourced components.

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  5. Custom Manufacturing & Tooling

    PCAS shares its industrial capacities and development expertise
    PCAS makes available its R&D know-how, technologies and facilities to meet the most demanding specifications.

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