Custom manufacturing & tolling: PCAS shares its industrial capacities and development expertise

Armed with all the requisite skills, a qualified workforce and very solid experience of the sector, PCAS places its R&D team and production facility at your disposal to manufacture first rate industrial lubricants or additives.

  • We undertake to respect our customers' confidentiality and intellectual property. This undertaking is formally defined in all our tolling or development agreements.
  • The flexibility of our plants enables us to supply solutions tailored to your requirements:
  • PCAS adjusts its production batch size to customers' needs.
  • We have total flexibility when it comes to the choice of raw materials, which may be supplied by our customers, or procured directly from our suppliers or listed suppliers.
  • Our analysis laboratory can take charge of all or part of the quality control.
  • Capable or both small and bulk packaging sizes, we adapt the packaging and labeling to our customers' specifications.
  • We can also take on the organization of transportation and logistics, whether domestic, to neighboring countries or for major export.
  • ISO 9001 and QPNG, we conduct many audits to measure customer satisfaction, to back up our continuous improvement effort and search for excellence.

Our services give customers the opportunity to develop innovative products that meet their requirements very precisely. By entrusting their manufacturing to PCAS, they gain instant access to new technologies and qualified personnel, which they do not have or for which their own capacities are insufficient.

Business Applications

  • Reactors
  • A production laboratory
  • A Quality Control laboratory
  • Covered storage