Greases: an exclusive technology for very special greases

Our greases based on calcium sulfonates are the least conventional products on the market, but the most effective. They have encountered growing success.

The fact is that we have developed a unique technology to formulate products with a wider choice of base oils, which gives the greases greater stability at high temperatures and better performance without additives.

The structure of these greases ensures very good stability under very high loads in conditions of extreme humidity, and also

very good anti-corrosion properties. In the severe applications of the paper or metallurgical industry, they have the advantage of being very adhesive thanks to a very high flow threshold.

Grades H1X and H1 have been developed for the food and pharmaceutical industry, as well as biodegradable products for applications that may involve risks for the environment (oils for farm machinery, oils for removal of formwork, etc.)



Food Grade H1 Grease

The food-processing sector draws on the USDA and FDA standardization program defining the rules for the formulation of Food Grade lubricants or H1 lubricants. These bodies have drawn up a list of ingredients that can be used in the formulation of the lubricants indicated in chapter 21 of the CFR (Code of Federal Regulations). Certified on the basis of straightforward review of the composition of a lubricant, control of contamination risks during production is guaranteed by the implementation of HACCP methods.

Since it has not defined standards relating to lubricants for industrial equipment, the pharmaceutical sector recommends the use of H1-certified lubricants in order to eliminate the risk of contamination.

KELICO FG grease is capable of withstanding the severe conditions specific to the food processing environment. Additional additives may prove necessary.

business applications

Greases for food contact

The H1 greases for incidental food contact in Food industries are also prescribed for pharmaceutical industries where no standard exists.


Agricultural and civil engineering machinery consume oils which are lost after use. Some countries are encouraging the use of renewable products that are non-toxic for the environment. In France, the agricultural guidance law of January 1, 2008 prohibits the use of lubricants that can be replaced by biodegradable lubricants in sensitive natural zones. In 2000, Germany implemented a legal framework and incentives for the use of

biodegradable lubricants non-toxic for the environment. In 2002, the USDA encouraged the use of biolubricants.

KELICO BG grease is biodegradable in the sense of OECD 301 B and is ideal for lubricating agricultural machinery.

Steel, paper and cement industries

Industries such as the steel, paper and cement sectors need greases presenting a high level of resistance to very severe environments. They are constantly subjected to high temperatures, at high pressures and a high humidity levels.