Long term corrosion protection: a long experience in the field of protection

For long term protection, the line of calcium sulfonates developed by PCAS stands out clearly from other anti-corrosion products.

It is used in numerous applications, such as under the bodywork of vehicles or machinery exposed to saline surroundings (bridges, ballasts, cables, offshore oil rigs, etc.)

Their unusual chemical structure, with a very high alkaline reserve and exceptional resistance to water, enables the deposit of a film that adheres to metal surfaces very well, providing lasting protection against corrosion.

Formulated in different vectors (oils, water or solvents) with different degrees of viscosity, there are many processes for applying them, like spraying, coating, quenching, etc.

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Calcium carbonate sulfonates

The calcium carbonate sulfonates produced by PCAS have a core/shell structure with particle sizes ranging from the nanometer to the micron. Their calcite-type crystalline form gives them thixotropic properties, making the products easy to apply while at the same time guaranteeing their adhesion to metal surfaces.

business applications

Mechanical equipment

Numerous types of equipment or structures are composed of metal cables and wires subject to mechanical stresses and corrosive atmospheres: suspension bridges, guy-wired structures, drilling platforms, cranes, civil engineering machines, etc.

Good-quality maintenance of these metal components prolongs their lifespan, reduces breakdowns and improves user comfort. Calcium

sulfonate-based products provide excellent protection and a high level of lubrication for cables and wires subject to severe stresses. Their performance and resistance are a guarantee of safety and a source of savings.

Motor vehicles

The average life expectancy of motor vehicles has been increased as a result of better protection of metal parts subject to corrosive and wet environments: underside of bodywork, cavities in doors and chassis, etc.

Coatings composed of PCAS additives containing calcium sulfonates are very resistant to corrosion and water. Their thixotropic and capillary behavior facilitates their application while at the same time guaranteeing their adhesion to surfaces, ensuring lasting filling of cavities thanks to the creation of a waterproof and water-repellent seal. Wax-based products are particularly suitable for the underside of bodywork.