Building Blocks & Intermediates

PCAS is a sustainable and innovative supplier to the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries, with a long-standing reputation of quality and reliability in the supply of reagents, building blocks and starting materials since 1962.

From our unique palette of technologies and know-how, we offer products on a multi-kg to multi-ton scale suitable for your small molecule development and manufacturing needs.

Our catalog of products provides a list of materials that are either on stock or produced to order or under development.

They are manufactured to the highest possible quality and environmental standards within our network of 3 ISO 9001 manufacturing plants in France and Canada, or if appropriate in a cGMP environment.

Our portfolio includes acids, acid chlorides and esters, acrolein derivatives, boronic acids, chiral building blocks, heterocyclic compounds, ketones, nitrile derivatives, phosphorus derivatives, thiophene derivatives, etc.

For more information on the available compounds, download our Building Blocks for Pharmaceuticals catalogue (Sept. 2015).

If your product is not listed, please contact us anyway! We would be most pleased to produce and supply you with any new or similar product you may need on an exclusive basis or to perform the custom synthesis of downstream chemistry of our catalog products.