Small molecule APIs & Pharma chemicals

Since 1962, PCAS offers world-class capabilities for large scale custom manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, registered intermediates or regulatory starting materials.

With 4 cGMP plants regularly inspected by the FDA for commercial production supported by three ISO 9001 sites in France and North America, our customers have access to a powerful industrial network of facilities with a high level of Quality, Safety and Environmental compliance.

PCAS invests on an ongoing basis in its production sites in order to provide pharmaceutical laboratories with state of the art equipment combined with cutting-edge technology in organic chemistry associated with proprietary gene shuffling technology for unique biocatalytic routes.

We conduct GMP manufacturing of APIs or Intermediates from kilos to multi-tons quantities . Our range of scale and seamless collaboration within our manufacturing sites allow PCAS to accommodate most of the projects regardless size and complexity.

We would be delighted to study your RFPs (Requests For Proposal) in strict confidentiality to provide you with a complete proposal for your molecule.