Porcheville's Research and Development Center brings together the range of skills and necessary tools to support the development of PCAS's complex molecules for its different markets (Pharma, Advanced Specialties and Performance).

The site includes a 2000m2 lab surface area, 6 kilo-labs and a 1000m² of pilot units (12m3 of reaction volume) enabling PCAS to produce from a few milligrams to a 100 kg per batch

The Center is organized by areas of expertise (PhD, Engineers, Technicians) :

  • Organic Synthesis
  • GMP Pharma Synthesis Team
  • Intermediate Pharma Synthesis Team
  • Generic Pharma Synthesis Team
  • Advanced Specialties Synthesis Team
  • Perfomance Synthesis Team

  • Analytical Science
  • Analytical development team
  • Analytical validation team (in a GMP context) and quality control

  • Crystallization/Solid state characterization
  • Kilo/lab
  • Pilot

For the small molecules market targeted for pharmaceutical companies with EHS and GMP regulations.