University research partnerships

University research laboratories and technical centers are involved in various programs in partnership with PCAS or are consulted by PCAS for the development of new technologies


Technical and research centers:


Engineering schools:


PCAS Finland works closely with the Finnish Agency for Technology (Tekes). Tekes's global network brings together internationally-renowned high-tech companies, universities and research institute with their Finnish counterparts. To promote international R&D cooperation, Tekes funds joint research and development projects and supports researcher mobility. PCAS Finland currently has several research projects under way.


The Acro-Pôle project, a research field from the global BIOFUEL program developed by IAR, the «Industries & Agro-Ressources » (Industries & Agro-Resources) competitiveness cluster focuses on the development of a new production process of biodiesel based on the thermochemical conversion of glycerin byproducts.

The project creates a competitive advantage for biodiesel applications, while at the same time providing a renewable source for an essential raw material. The optimized industrial use of this process will add value throughout the demand chain in a context of sustainable developed.

Cosmetic Valley

PCAS is a member of the Cosmetic Valley cluster as a manufacturer of active ingredients for the cosmetics, perfumes, glass treatment and packaging industries.


The creation of the ITE (Institut de Transition Energétique or Energy Transition Institute) named PIVERT (Picardie Innovations Végétales Enseignements et Recherches Technologiques or Picardie plant innovations, teaching and technological research), in which PCAS is a partner, falls within the framework of the French "investments for the future" program.

A founding member of this Institute, PCAS is a shareholder of the PIVERT simplified joint-stock company created on May 29, 2012.

Straddling the worlds of academic research and industry, PIVERT aims to create a competitive French sector dedicated to plant chemistry based on oleaginous biomass.

The PIVERT Institute has rallied the support of numerous players from academia and industry, as detailed below:

PIVERT's strategy hinges around four main areas:

1 - The research area, via a program dubbed "GENESYS":

2 - The development and demonstration axis, via a platform called "BIOGIS Center":

3 - The industrialization area, MATURATION projects, led by industrial partners belonging to the PIVERT Industrial Partners Club (CIP), of which PCAS and Protéus are members, providing industrial outlets for research resulting from the GENESYS program, among others.

4 - The EXPERTISE and training area.

This fine project will allow PCAS and Protéus to further strengthen their position in the field of sustainable chemistry.