Corporate Social Responsibility


Sustainable development, a concept firmly rooted in the group's strategy, comes every day to all PCAS activities.

PCAS operates seven chemical production facilities and purchases from dozens of suppliers around the world. It is therefore natural that the working conditions in health, safety and environment are the priorities of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy throughout its value chain.

Responsible Care

Since 2006, PCAS is part the Responsible Care program, a global initiative of the chemical industry promoting continuous improvement in HSE performance and an open and transparent communication with stakeholders. This commitment was renewed in 2015.
Responsible Care.pdf

Principles of professional conduct

A CSR Committee, chaired by the CEO, defines the policy and the Group's CSR standards.

The values of PCAS have led us to develop a set of Professional Conduct Principles, shared by all employees.
Principles of professional conduct (PDF - 534 kB)

Supplier Code of Conduct

In the current context of globalized chemistry, PCAS up fight against discrimination and promote fair working conditions in its sphere of influence. For this, PCAS requires all its suppliers to share the Supplier Code of Conduct.

All orders or services required by PCAS mention the Supplier Code of Conduct and must be performed in compliance with the Code. PCAS reserves the right to teminate any contract with a supplier who does not comply with this Code.
Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF - 447 kB)

Communication with stakeholder

As a publicly traded company, PCAS annually publishes its CSR management data in its annual report.

In order to better meet the demands of its customers on CSR issues, PCAS has selected two partners with whom it shares its internal processes in the field of social responsibility and ethical values:

EcoVadis — Perimeter: PCAS Group.
Rating certificate 2016.pdf
EcoVadis CSR Performance Detail 2016.pdf

SEDEX Available for two sites within the group:
Bourgoin-Jallieu and Couterne. Other sites can be added on specific request.

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