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Fine & Speciality Chemicals

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Involved in the Fine & Specialty Chemicals Market, PCAS has been offering for almost 50 years single and advanced molecule precursors and a wide range of polymers oriented in two offer types:  Custom Manufacturing & Proprietary Products.

Market trends and a more specific experience have led PCAS to build an organisation around market focused segments structured as follow:

Fine chemical market


Whatever needs you select, working or partnering with PCAS will bring you the following advantages:
  • Confidentiality, compliance and accountability
  • Responsiveness and flexibility
  • Time to market support

In a very flexible approach and under appropriate confidentiality agreements, various offers are possible according to customers input level in the product development sequence. At the customers' request, PCAS can be involved right from the earliest stage of molecular design or only in any of the subsequent steps: synthesis route development, process scale-up or industrial process implementation:

Industrial process


PCAS products are often added or used in small quantities to bring new functionalities or to improve properties of the chemicals and materials brought by its customers. To be efficient and reliable, these products need to have a high quality consistency level both in terms of their specifications and their applications. PCAS spend time and resources listening to its customers and understanding how the requested products must perform in practical applications. PCAS view them as critical components for its customers.