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Fragrance & Flavour Ingredients

Fragrance & Flavour ingredients

As a long time player in the Fragrance & Flavour industry, PCAS can claim to have built a significant position in this segment with the following skills:
  • The knowledge in olfactory control methods, in addition to conventional physico-chemical analytical capabilities, enables PCAS to guarantee its customers the required consistency for application in their perfume or flavour blends.
  • The in-depth knowledge of hundreds of substances offering an interest in flavours and fragrances as well as the know-how of their manufacturing routes. This enables us to evaluate the commercial viability of their production as well as to choose the optimal production flows to maintain economically balanced raw material/intermediate platforms and end product families.
  • Distillation technology handling which is one of the key isolation methods of many useful volatile compounds of the Fragrance & Flavour industry.
  • In synergy with other PCAS activities, there is a diversified know-how in terms of organic fine chemicals and large manufacturing capacities.
  • Access to new technologies in Biocatalytic routes for the preparation of substances gives new perspectives in terms of diversity, safety of use and costs.
  • The knowledge of the global market of Fragrance & Flavour. A unique geographical location in the centre of Europe reinforced by a wide distribution network in Europe, the US and Singapore.
  • Clear market positioning: PCAS does not make formulation but only manufactures ingredients with a high level of quality to be used by its customers' talented perfumers and flavourists.
With the above strengths, PCAS is manufacturing a wide range of ingredients called "aroma chemicals"  on a regular basis and other chemicals on a custom synthesis basis. They can be used either as intermediates or in compounding activities for application fields such as:
  • fine fragrances
  • soap & detergents
  • household products
  • flavours

Besides, PCAS has experienced the privilege of partnering with large players as well as start-ups in the Fragrance and Flavour market.

Confidentiality and flexibility in the cooperation approach (toll manufacturing, exclusive synthesis, synthesis route developments...) are usually the base of many success stories and recurrent business with PCAS partners.

For specific projects, PCAS is opened to discuss all subjects you want to develop at an industrial scale.

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