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Fine & Speciality Chemicals

PCAS is an established and resourceful supplier in the industrial segment of Imaging Chemicals.

These industries are using different technologies depending on developments in image and materials science, surface chemistry, coating technologies, and on processes revolving around the interaction of light with materials. Chemistry and chemical engineering play a significant or even enabling role in the majority of these technologies.

Patterning, imaging, image transfer, image display, and colouring, require many different chemical products for which PCAS can be a supplier.

PCAS manufactures, either in France or in Canada, performance chemicals or materials used primarily in the graphic arts or photographic industries (analog and digital). In addition to a range of well-established products, PCAS is offering toll manufacturing services and customer designed materials:


Lithographic chemicals

These products are used in the formulation of coatings in the production of printing plates (offset, flexographic), screen printing emulsions or colour proofing films.

They include positive and negative diazoresins, photoacid generators and activators and specialty infrared absorbing dyes for thermal CtP systems.

Manufacturing CtP plates requires certain chemical compounds including polymers, acrylic monomers, initiators of polymerization and dyes for which the function is to be reactive at a specific wavelength.

The two main product families used in these formulations are:
  • Polymers.
  • Dyes (mainly Cyanines).



The printing coatings segment uses a wide range of specialty polymers (light sensitive or not) in order to highlight specific functionalities. They are acrylics, polyurethanes, urethane-acrylates, polyimides, Novolaks, polyvinylbutyrals. Synthesis of critical monomers or oligomers used in the preparation of the above polymers can also be produced at PCAS.

The involvement of PCAS in organosilanes has opened up new possibilities in the ability to offer polysiloxane materials.

Printing inks ingredients

Specialty binders used for special application in inks formulation can be offered on a custom synthesis basis.

Besides, PCAS has experienced the privilege of partnering with large players as well as start-ups in the Imaging market.

Confidentiality and flexibility in the cooperation approach (toll manufacturing, exclusive synthesis, synthesis route developments...) are usually the base of many success stories and recurrent business with PCAS partners.

For specific projects, PCAS is opened to discuss all subjects you want to develop at an industrial scale.

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