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Fine & Speciality Chemicals


PCAS is an established and resourceful supplier in the industrial segment of Microelectronics Chemicals.

These industries are using different technologies depending on developments in image and materials science, surface chemistry, coating technologies, and on processes revolving around the interaction of light with materials. Chemistry and chemical engineering play a significant or even enabling role in the majority of these technologies.

Patterning, imaging, image transfer, image display and colouring, require many different chemical products for which PCAS can be a supplier.

The following skills are the realm of PCAS activities:
  • Expertise in the synthesis of light sensitive materials, specialty polymers and polysiloxanes, and specialty dyes.
  • A wide array of equipment and a flexible organization (R&D and manufacturing) on several industrial sites.
  • The capability to operate in an ultra-clean and low metal manufacturing environment.

PCAS is in a position to develop tailor-made solutions or products in close partnership with its customers.


Photosensitive resins (Photoresists)

PCAS custom manufactures organic intermediates used by its customers in the formulation of photosensitive resins (Photoresists). These intermediates are products such as DNQ and some Novolak. The Novolak products are made to order for specific customers.

Anti-reflective Coating

Bottom anti-reflective coatings (BARC) are useful to remove the problems associated with the reflection on the substrate during the lithographic process.

A wide range of intermediate products are custom-manufactured for specific customers and then used by the customers in formulations of anti-reflective coatings. All products custom- manufactured are made according to detailed customer specifications. All products are unique and sold to only one client.

Some intermediates, such anthracene derivatives, are commercially available (see catalogue).

Printed Electronic

In addition to its microlithography products, PCAS, with key world players, is actively working in developing organic compounds that will be at the forefront of technology in the industry of conductive polymers, which include photovoltaic as well as printed electronics.

Organic materials are becoming a key technology of the next electronic revolution at low cost.

Photovoltaic polymers are potentially a source of alternative energy less expensive than the materials used in conventional photovoltaic cells, such as silicon and gallium arsenide. The organic polymer in solution can be processed at room temperature and deposited on large carriers with jet printers. They are flexible and can withstand being bent, unlike the silicon panels. Finally, they can, to some extent, be modified at the molecular level to absorb or emit different wavelengths of visible spectrum, thus increasing the quantum yield of the cell.

Besides, PCAS has experienced the privilege of partnering with large players as well as start-ups in the Microelectronics market.

Confidentiality and flexibility in the cooperation approach (toll manufacturing, exclusive synthesis, synthesis route developments...) are usually the base of many success stories and recurrent business with our partners.

For specific projects, we are opened to discuss all subjects you want to develop at an industrial scale.

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