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Our values

Safety and quality

Absolute priority to safety and quality for people and products.


A determination to support the continuous performance improvements required by major world trends.


The conviction that the best levers for competitiveness are research and mastery of cutting-edge technology.


An industrial vision that incorporates protection of the environment and promotion of renewable raw materials.


PCAS is a fine and specialty chemicals group that uses cutting-edge technology to produce complex, high added value substances, sold worldwide.

The Group operates on the basis of a “business to business” model. It offers its customers exclusive production services, along with an expanding range of multi-customer proprietary products.

 Pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients, functional excipients, performance additives for lubricants or special products for the micro-electronics, energy, environment or construction industries, the substances produced by the PCAS Group often form the basis for the functionality of its customers' products.

 The Group's customers are primarily international groups, themselves market leaders, with whom PCAS shares a common ambition: excellence. PCAS designs and delivers the very best industrial solutions to meet their specific requirements. These diverse requirements all share the same high standards in terms of safety, quality, competitiveness, innovation and sustainability.

Legal Structure
 Organization structure