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QA & Regulatory Support

With the aim of improving the level of health and environmental protection, the European regulation REACH was voted in December 2006.


PCAS products are mostly intermediaries used in formulations or in the course of a synthesis by its customers. Here again, PCAS strategy is mainly oriented to "customer service" based on two main axes:

  • A common definition of pre-registration and registration methods of concerned substances, which is even more significant as PCAS develops a number of custom products for its customers.  This implies a strict protection of PCAS know-how and of confidential elements during the registration phase, knowing that these phases include exchanges with administration and a number of other partners.
    PCAS will pre-register all substances that it manufactures or imports into Europe in order to avoid pointless interruptions to the distribution and commercialization of these substances.  Conform to the REACH regulations, all concerned substances will be completely registered between 2010 and 2018.  See REACH - FAQs for the details.
  • PCAS assists its customers by developing new substances which replace certain dangerous or polluting products which will be removed from the market. See REACH substitution / co development of alternatives.

Tox - Ecotox, a PCAS initiative:  Validation is being completed in cooperation with the best EU experts in the toxicological and eco toxicological fields for the "in - silico" or electronic evaluation of tox and ecotox properties of the substances and evaluating the risks for health and the environment for all uses of the substance in its life cycle.