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JV & Partnerships
PCAS Nanosyn
nanosyn A reinforced presence in the USA


PCAS will continue the development of PCAS America Inc. in 2009 and will strengthen its commercial structure to support the numerous projects already launched.

To add to its European capacity and to reinforce its services to Biotechs and American laboratories, PCAS plans to implement its first North American production unit in 2009 in the form of a cGMP Kilo-lab located in California. This project will be led as a joint venture with the Californian based company, PCAS Nanosyn, an American leader in sub-contracting medicinal chemicals and specialised in design, synthesis and analysis of organic compounds for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets.

Consequently, PCAS will be able to meet the high demand from developing American companies in terms of the regulated production capacity required to begin clinical trials on human beings.