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JV & Partnerships
Protéus: more than a partner

Tighter links between PCAS and PROTEUS: Beside their join-venture "PCAS-Biosolution", PCAS has reinforced her partnership with Protéus by increasing its stake to 100 % to accelerate Protéus growth.

Protein innovation for chemistry, healthcare, energy and environmental challenges

Protéus ( is focused on providing new proteins and bio-based products and processes to life science industry, including fine chemical (pharmaceuticals), speciality chemical (cosmetics, flavour and fragrances), healthcare, environment and bio-energy. Protéus proprietary platform includes a unique microbial biodiversity with a vast collection of micro-organisms originating from extreme environments and proprietary technologies for functional high throughput screening and protein engineering, including L-Shuffling™, Phenomics™ and CLIPS-O™. Comprehensive concept-to-completion solutions are developed within partnership agreements while more specific service contracts for protein engineering and manufacturing are provided by the recently launched Protéus Services for Industry business unit.

An assertive scientific and technological base