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R&D - Industrial Capabilities

PCAS, Your Industrial Partner (From grams to tons)

PCAS Know-How & Technologies


The market-driven growth of PCAS has allowed the company to build on historical chemical platforms and innovate to develop state-of-the-art technologies.

Synthetic methodologies are becoming more and more complex with sophisticated analytical methods requiring the most advanced tools; PCAS deploys highly specialized Research & Development teams.


PCAS has ...

  • Built state of the art laboratories environment to work on organic synthesis and performance chemistry
  • A continuous training system to keep up with the latest developments in our field
  • One dedicated R&D team in each plant
  • Strong Intellectual Property (IP) team
  • A professional network with Universities and high-tech companies
  • Flexible and efficient coordination between production and quality control units

... to serve our customers

 R&D capabilities


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