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Solid Support ChemMatrix Resin

ChemMatrix: a New resin for solid phase peptide synthesis.
Higher purity, better stability and higher loading!

PCAS has created, in agreement with Matrix Innovation, a new entity PCAS BioMatrix Inc. The new company is in charge of the commercialization worldwide of the ChemMatrix resin among all peptide producers and to companies involved in the synthesis of Oligonucleotides and RNA*.

The ChemMatrix resin is a technological tool enabling synthesis on solid support (peptide - oligonucleotides) and purification of complex molecules from biological origin, proteins mainly used for therapeutic purposes.
This resin takes the form of bead (similar to polystyrene beads, see below), manufactured on a process based on polyethylene glycol (PEG) emulsion.

This resin is issued from the R&D patented by Matrix Innovation, a start-up company based in Quebec area (Canada)

Your Peptide is : Long, Complex, or Hydrophobic,
Think and Use
ChemMatrix resin

chemical structure of Aminomethyl-ChemMatrix
chemMatrix Beads
Chemical structure of Aminomethyl-ChemMatrix ChemMatrix Beads

PCAS Facility

In 2006, St-Jean Photochemicals Inc. (PCAS Canadian subsidiary) signed an exclusive agreement and industrial exploitation with Matrix Innovation.
Since 2009: St-Jean Photochemicals Inc. (ISO9001 palnt) is now providing to PCAS BioMatrix all the technical support and produces ChemMatrix resin with different linkers and at different scale: from hundred grams to tens of kilogram.

PCAS group is able to follow up your progress to providing you with a ChemMatrix resin:
  • - at largest scale using the other ISO9001 available Plants
  • - under cGMP grad



ChemMatrix Resin catalog

Peptide Category

Aminomethyl ChemMatrix -
Rink Amide-ChemMatrix Amide
HMPB-ChemMatrix , and preloaded* Acid
Trityl OH-ChemMatrix (New), and preloaded* Acid
Wang-ChemMatrix , and preloaded* Acid
Ramage-ChemMatrix Amide
PAL-ChemMatrix Amide
Customized Resins Request us
*Preloaded with the first amino acid